Spinal Care India – Kovai Meet

Spinal Cord injured individuals living in and around the Coimbatore Region met on January 22, 2012 at the Lifecare Hospital, Coimbatore, under the auspices of “Spinal Care India” and due to the coordination provided by Plegia.org. The meeting happened due to the initiatives of the professional team from Spinal Care India, Dr.Guru Nagarajan and Mr.Elango, and because of efforts of Mr. Suresh Krishna and Mr. Gnanabharathi, and also due to the grateful support of the Doctors at Lifecare Medical Center, chiefly Dr. Parthiban. It was organized mainly to provide the individuals a platform to interact and share, ideas and experiences among themselves, and also to get valuable medical advices from the doctors. It started off by 10 AM, with around 25 participants making their presence.

Dr. S. Murugan, Plastic, Reconstrictive & Cosmetic Surgeon started off the proceedings by giving a PPT backed presentation on skin care, particularly regarding how to prevent and treat pressure sores, which was followed by a Q&A session.

Then, came two more useful presentations provided by the representatives from SAHAI Rehabilitation Centre in Coimbatore and by the Spinal Care India’s Social Workers from CMC, Vellore. Both these presentations provided a complete timeline of spinal cord injuries, starting from the occurrence of injury, operative period and importantly the rehabilitation period, with many case examples. The presentation by Dr.Guru Nagarajan from the Spinal Care India team was extensive, as it included various aspects of rehabilitation period from professional to personal issues, using the case of a SCI individual, Mr.Minnur Mahadevan. During these presentations, Physiotherapist Mr. Senthil and Occupational Therapist,Mr. Kalaiselvan from CMC, as well as Kevin Gomes, Physiotherapist from SAHAI gave useful inputs regarding pressure sore issues, wheelchair options and importantly the need to do Pushups. To further instill the need to do constant pushups and also as a bonding exercise, all the participants were asked to do Group Pushups, and all the participants responded enthusiastically to it. Although, they provided details about Roho Cushion, Gel Cushion and the ones made in CMC, Vellore, they constantly reiterated that constant pushups can only prevent pressure sores, whatever be the cushions are.

Then Urologist & Lapproscopic Surgeon – Dr.Jayamurugan took over the proceedings and provided a lot of valuable suggestions regarding urine drainage, catheterization, infections, taking care of kidneys, etc..

Group discussions on various topics were conducted including the need to create a support group for the injured individuals, need to create professional opportunities, importantly Govt’s various loan schemes for differently-abled (courtesy Mr. Ravichandran), etc.